Affordable Personal Training


Personal training is by far the best way to get fit and lose weight. Our sessions are tailored to your aims and abilities. They are physically tiring but varied and, above all, enjoyable to do.

You can have as many sessions as you want and as often as you want. We will base the training on things that you enjoy doing. We will use our indoor private studio which has ample room and different equipment to keep sessions varied and fun. When the weather is nice we have a large outdoor training area which gives a totally different training experience and we even have a couple of large tyres to pull and flip!

We can also make your training event or sport specific. So if you want to beat your half marathon personal best we will focus your training to achieving this aim or if you are a keen squash player and want to get fitter and more powerful around the court we will aim to improve this. The choice is yours.

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