Push by Tangled Feet Theatre Co.


They're everywhere on our high streets, juggling demands and jiggling pushchairs, trying to reconcile a baby's illogical moods and bodily fluids with being out and respectable in public places.

Clench your pelvic floors and join us for the ride as five pram-pushers weave paths between elation, despair, exhaustion and love.

Physical theatre ensemble Tangled Feet are an award-winning ensemble of theatre practitioners making original work in their trademark style of experimental performance, physical improvisation and play.

Come along and enjoy this visual and thought provoking play made specifically for Mummys as part of Greenwich and Docklands International Festival.

Saturday 22nd June 2013 2.15pm & 3.10pm
Sunday 23rd June 2.25pm & 4.20pm

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