Energy EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy)

Greenwich wide

  • My practice @ Shooters Hill

  • 93 shrewsbury lane, london, london, SE18 3JW

  • 7905110966


  • £50 per hourly session

I am an holistic counsellor, master EFT (emotional freedom therapy - 'Tapping') practitioner, and Reiki healer. I work with individuals and groups to help clear energy blocks and help my clients with issues such as stress management, anxiety, relationships, time management, weightloss, addiction, and general personal & professional development. My intent is to help my clients be 'the best they can be'. I work from my own practice at Shrewsbury Lane at Shooters Hill but I also work in other venues and sometimes at the homes of my clients.
Energy EFT is an amazing tool for clearing problems and installing positive ideas & habits. It works by Tapping on energy accupressure points on the body whilst repeating positive mantras. I have my own form of EFT whereby I encourage my clients to do some movement & stretching while we work. I also use some guided meditation, Reiki & angel cards in my sessions.
If you feel drawn to working with me then please do contact me at s.saloom@virginmedia or 077905 110966 and please visit my Facebook page - The Natural Healing Company

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