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Hackney Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

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When your home has been around for a long while, chances are that cleaning it often will be a necessary step toward making your time in it more pleasant and enjoyable. You will need to cover house cleaning by finding professional help, so if you live in the Hackney area, all the way from, we will cover your back and take care of all your home cleaning needs so that you won't have to. Call Hackney Carpet Cleaners Ltd today on 02037449545 or visit our website at www.hackneycarpetcleaners.co.uk.

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  • FrancesLittle

    07-Jan-2016 Report

    Hackney Carpet Cleaners Ltd. were there when I spilt black coffee on my beige carpet! I was passed on their number by a relative and called them. Luckily I was able to book a same day service and get the stain removed quickly. The cleaners used various treatments and soon got rid of the terrible stain! I was overwhelmed. The service was exceptional and the cost was good too!

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