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Let me introduce myself - my name is John and 8 years have gone since I became a member of Carpet Cleaning Haggerston Ltd team and since the company was founded! First we covered only a couple of post codes in Haggerston - E2 8EP! At the present moment our mobile expert rug and upholstery cleaning teams cover the whole Greater London Area! At the present moment, when I got the dream job of a supervisor in the company, everything seems different! We used to clean with heavy and ineffective machines and with soap and deodorizer! Carpet cleaning for mid-sized room was a long and heavy procedure that used to require an hour of our time for cleaning usually if there are old stains on it - it is well - known that it is the worst thing that can happen to a carpet cleaner! At the present moment, the cleaning machines are becoming better and better with every minute and the machines are more portable and practical! It takes only 20-30 minutes to clean a double bedroom which is covered of all types of stains and the carpet looks amazing!
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