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Alfredo Hunter Craniosacral Therapist N16

Newington Green

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Supporting health, harmony and happiness for Mother and Baby.

Is your baby suffering from discomfort, restlessness, pain, colic or constipation?

Are you sleepless, tired, stressed, finding if difficult to cope?

Have you had complications during/after birth, C-section, forceps?

Do you just want to stop and relax, breathe and move on?

Craniosacral Therapy is a deep and profound treatment that uses a light and gentle touch that can support you in each step of your pregnancy.

With a medical background and a sound and sensible approach to healing, Alfredo works in a safe and professional way, respecting clients and bringing them into relationship with their bodies and health helping in the release of physical and emotional pain.

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  • 123feel

    24-May-2013 Report

    I was interested in this therapy, not knowing quite what I wanted but some rejuvenation and strength! Alfredo is a very kind and thoughtful practitioner, and the session was both gentle and yet profound. Starting by holding my feet, it seemed to be a way of empowering me to find a lovely stillness and lightness of mind and new awareness and better sense of body. I emerged feeling optimistic and calmer. Shine treatment rooms are particularly pleasant adding to the experience. Would definately book again.

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