The Child's Hand

Borough wide

  • Hôtel du Duc

  • Paris, France, W1S 2FL


  • free

  • 20-Oct-16 to 23-Oct-16

  • anytime, submit until 29/6/16

  • 3 years to 12 years

Children are naturally creative. They explore, experiment and fantasise, unconstrained by formalised artistic training and convention. Children do not typically censor the content of their artwork hence it reveals insights into their thoughts, feelings and experiences. Many artists seek to recapture the raw emotionality of unconstrained childlike creativity.
The Child's Hand at the Outsider Art Fair (Oct 20-23 2016) will explore relationships between art produced by children and work made by artists who reference a childlike worldview, stylistically or in content matter.
We invite submissions of art made by children. We seek work on paper made spontaneously (i.e. without adult instruction) by your child/ren that you find especially interesting. 2-3 (max.) high quality images of work may be submitted via email, along with the age and gender of the artist and the name and contact details of the parent or guardian of the child artist. Explanatory or accompanying text should not be included.
The permission of parents/guardians will be sought should their child's work be selected for exhibition. Please note that submission of work is no guarantee of inclusion in the installation.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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