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Independent Place Nursery


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Independent Place Nursery is a small nursery located in a secure private complex in E8. With two separate gardens, large spacious rooms, and a sensory room, the nursery is able to cater to all children's individual needs.

Long serving staff mean that the children are able to have complete continuity and comfort whilst at nursery in a loving environment.

The nursery employs dedicated specialist teachers on a daily basis. These include; Babysign, French, Drama/Dance, Yoga and Cooking. All are included in the price and are a great way to ensure the children's motivation to learn.

Fees are payable on a monthly basis by standing order.

Please email the nursery if you would like a personalised quote for a months fees.

All childcare vouchers are accepted at the nursery.

Please email Alison (Nursery Manager) for any further details.

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  • Claptonmum1

    06-Jul-2014 Report

    I agree with above comments and would not recommend this nursery. The director is very unpleasant in how she treats the parents. She is prepared to exclude children from the nursery on the basis of minor disagreements with parents. She has done so recently and from one day to the next, and the children did not even get the opportunity to say good-bye to their friends and the teachers who had been caring for them for years. Although I have not been affected by this, my child has found it difficult to understand why some children have suddenly disappeared from the nursery without farewell.
    The staff on the ground are wonderful with the children, but they are under a lot of pressure by the director. This is reflected by a relatively high staff turn over which, in light of recent events, is probably not going to get any better. There are many other good nurseries in Hackney, I would not recommend this one.

  • ugle031

    16-Jun-2014 Report

    Yes, I know what you mean -- the director seems prepared to invent whatever suits her, and to bully staff into corroborating her claims. Not what one would expect from a nursery provider.

  • Dalstonmother

    15-Jun-2014 Report

    I really wouldn't recommend this nursery: the director, who ultimately manages it, is wholly unreasonable and capable of being vindictive towards the children. Contrary to its claim of having long-serving staff, I witnessed a high turnover of staff, which in my view is bad for the stability of the children's experience. I also found the director to be dishonest, which I consider to be completely unacceptable in a person occupying such a position of responsibility.

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