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Amy Clean Team - Not For Everybody, Just You

Amy Clean Team is a company in London providing quality domestic cleaning services. With the help of trained professionals you achieve and impeccable hygiene in your property be it a office or your dear home. Trust us with providing you with the results you aim for when it comes to cleaning. Spend free time away from scrubbing and mopping rather enjoy a nice cup of tea with friends or family. We will take care of every aspect of your personally tailored service.

Benefits and Perks With Our Domestic and Office Cleaning Services

- Thoroughly trained and vetted cleaning technicians with a considerate amount of experience;
- Constant quality checks of the cleaning teams' performance. Ensuring our and your high cleaning standards;
- Reliability of service and cost-effectiveness;
- Book your appointment for when you need it even if it's a holiday or a weekend;
- Certified eco-friendly detergents and modern cleaning equipment;
- Pretty neat discounts on regular basis;

Cleaning Services Amy Clean Team Offers:

- Regular Home Cleaning
- Office Cleaning
- End of Tenancy Cleaning
- After Builders Cleaning
- Carpet Cleaning
- Upholstery Cleaning

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