Acting the Party

Hammersmith & Fulham wide

Acting the Party will give you a unique party, starting from just £19.99 for 8 children. Children love role-playing and party games - this party pack will give you a truly fantastic party at home. It organises everything for you. Similar to a mystery party without reading and added party games. Very simple to do and great value - the children become characters in an audio play and they'll think it's the BEST party ever! Don't take our word for it, take a look at our reviews on our website.

Party will last 2 hours. So easy, so much fun and enormous savings!

Within the pack:
1 x Fantasy Story Play CD including sound effects and music
8 x Invitations plus 1 spare
1 x Welcome and Instructions
Treasure hunt
Pin the tail
Riddles & secret clues plus more

For more information on our acting-packed children's parties, please call us on 01476 333 043, we're happy to help, or visit our website.

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