Pregnancy Massage

Hammersmith & Fulham wide

Session description
Safe positioning with a variety of pillows and appropriate draping will be adapted according to stage of pregnancy to ensure client's safety and comfort.
A variety of gentle soft tissue techniques will be used to address particular areas of tension and facilitate relaxation.

Some potential benefits of pregnancy massage:
contributes to relaxation
relieves leg and back pain
decreases depression, stress & anxiety
increases levels of "feel-good hormones"
improves mood and sleep
improves blood circulation
facilitates lymphatic drainage
supports body during changes
prepares the body for birth
But most of all pregnancy massage is an opportunity for the future mother to have some "me" time!
(Field et al., 1999; 2000; 2005; 2008; Oswald et al., 2013; Stillerman, 2013; Yates, 2010)

Who can benefit from it?
Maite chooses not to offer massage during the first trimester of pregnancy but would treat women from 14 weeks of pregnancy (calculated from first day of last period) until due date. Clients will be asked to obtain verbal or written consent from their GP or midwives prior to treatment.

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