Relaxation Classes for Adults


Relaxation Classes for Adults in Basingstoke.
Grab a whole hour for yourself!
Take time out
Treat yourself to some inner calm
Feel the stress melt away
Learn how to be mindful

Some recent feedback "I never thought I would find the key to being able to switch the brain off mid term. Thank you Kath.... your relax adults class is just what I need! Teacher friends get yourself to a class pronto!"

Runs on: Mondays, Tuesdays

Other Information
Monday evening class is throughout the year; it's a drop in class and costs £5 per person.
Tuesday morning class will run term time only (again a drop in class and costs £5 per person)
Tuesday evening class is a termly block booking
Please contact me (Kath) for more information.
M: 07989 476533
F: Relax Kids Basingstoke

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