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Beauty & Detox Spa

Crouch End

A place to discover the most incredible and sensational spa therapies combined with exceptional rituals and massages where the mind, body and soul live a unforgettable spa experience.

We take special care in providing our clients with a top quality service with fully qualified and insured therapists in a safe and hygienic spa.

Therapies include:
Eye therapies
Full body massage
IPL hair removal
Cellulite and slimming therapies
Body therapies

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  • tbaile

    18-Apr-2014 Report

    I bought a Groupon voucher for a massage. When I first called to book I was told that there was no availability after 6pm in the evenings. When I said that I could only make it after 6 due to work they managed to book me an appointment in a month's time. The appointment was for Monday at 6pm. The receptionist called me at 3pm on the day. He said that due to a family bereavement they would have to cancel my 6pm appointment, but could I come at 5pm? I said I was really sorry about the bereavement but I was at work so couldn't make it at 5pm. He offered to change the booking to the Friday at 5pm. Fine. Today is Friday. I've just had another call from the same receptionist (10.30am). He said he was really sorry but they were going to have to cancel my appointment as the therapist had injured her back. When I said that the same thing had happened on Monday he said "yes I'm sorry but she hasn't recovered yet". I told him that on Monday the reason for the cancellation wasn't a bad back but a family bereavement. I can understand having to reschedule appointments occasionally, but to do it twice in the same week - on the day of the appointment - is unacceptable. I would just say that if you book via groupon and want an appointment at a peak time beware!

  • shonarose

    20-Mar-2013 Report

    this review has appeared on lots of other review sites as well, and is clearly written by the owner! I was researching whether to buy a voucher via Groupon for this place but have decided against it since the only positive reviews I could find were obviously false (e.g. using exactly the same phrases as were used by the owners when they wrote a response to one of the not-positive reviews) ... never trust a company that needs to write false reviews!

  • alexis001

    10-Feb-2013 Report

    My Husband brought me a gift voucher for Christmas and I thought I would use it in the New Year, so her I am looking forward to making a trip to my local spa thinking it's going to be the same pamper treat I receive everywhere nothing to special. I arrive at the spa 5 minutes late and the receptionist was ever so kind, I was greeted with a scent of tranquillity, I then went through the door into the main spa area, much to my astonishment the place was huge with rooms on both side of the hall. The lights the music the scent and ambiance was juts truly amazing. I had an amazing massage and a facial, it was amazing I never felt so relaxed, I've been to a few places in Crouch End and Muswell Hill which for some bazar spaced out reason call them self's a day spa or spa let me explain to you the difference, because you can learn a thing or two from this place, your greeted with kindness and warm heartfelt gestures such as, would you like a herbal tea or some water to drink? Then you're forced to relax with quite surroundings and calming music with a scent in the air that simply relaxes your mind and body, amazing place to spend your time its 100% worth it.
    If you care about beauty or your health then this is the right place for you, if you someone like me reading reviews before you attend a venue, then rest assured you will enjoy every bit of it. As I waited in the reception, a few clients before me were just leaving and they just could not stop taking and tanking the staff for an amazing time, they were so happy that they booked to come again next month. I was sold after my massage I bought a course and my target is to try everything on the treatment list this year.

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