AntiDiet Weight Loss & Wellness FREE seminar


Did you know the single biggest predictor of future weight gain is being on a diet right now? Ditch your New Year Detox and get slim the smart way!

Book for this FREE seminar/workout session to come find out all about AntiDiet.

The AntiDiet is different from your average 'diet club'. There is no calorie counting or 'weighing-in' and we shun cutting out food groups and spending hours on the treadmill! This FREE taster session will include a short seminar on some of the latest tips and tools on nutrition and behaviour change with a short, fat-blasting workout. It's a great no-commitment, free introduction to our full programme.

If you are convinced, we will invite you to book onto our 6-week course starting January 29, 7-8:30 pm at Jacksons Lane.

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