Host Sand Art Party / Parties for Kids

St Albans

You can have this activity in children birthday parties, weddings, art workshops, in the cafes to attract more customers, farms, fun fairs, school fetes festivals etc. We pretty much cover in and around Herts. From age of 3 onwards, our oldest customer so far is 89 years old, and although we don't get many calls out for teenagers birthday parties, at fairs, events & festivals we will be indundated by teenagers all day long. The length of time that it takes to make a picture will depend on two factors, the age and ability of the child, and the complexity of the picture that they have chosen. Prices will vary depending on how many children will be at your event, how long you'd like us there, and how many pictures you'd like the children to make. Minimum charge £70 for up to kids and they can colour 2 pictures each, per additional child will be £5.00.

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