The Skinny Jeans Club


Small group training of 4 women with the same goal, in a 6-week intensive program where:
You record your food/drink consumption & report it weekly
You follow the prescribed exercise sessions
You stick to the healthy eating guidelines. No faddy diets or unrealistic menu plans.

And you get the benefits of
• Personal training without the high costs
• Healthy recipes to follow
• Full weekly nutritional analysis referenced against government standards.
• Two tailored half-hour small group workouts weekly
• Achievable home workouts to complete once a week
• Support and motivation from the other members in the club
• 24/7 phone and email support from your trainer

Guaranteed results!
The first 6 ladies that completed the program collectively lost 9Kg in weight, 12cm from their waists and 9cm from their hips.

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