A Caketopia Cupcake Party


Caketopia parties last for 2 hours. The parties are held at the Caketopia shop on Saturday's. We start the party by decorating your own chef's hat while we wait for everyone to arrive. Then it's on to decorate four delicious cupcakes. We provide everything from the cupcakes, buttercream, icing bags, sprinkles, fondant and cutters. Then onto a lovely party buffet all supplied by Caketopia. To top that your party meal includes ice cream with lovely sticky syrup and sprinkles. Squash will be available with your meal and throughout the party. If all of that's not enough all of your friends can wish you a 'Happy Birthday' when your cake is presented to you. Once you and your guests have eaten we can get on with playing some party games. The best part of all is there is no cleaning up for Mum and Dad, the parties at our shop so we clear up.

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