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Highland Real Nappy Project


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  • nappyproject

    24-Apr-2013 Report

    A one stop shop for Real Nappy Advice, Tips and all things fluff in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland!
    The Highland Real Nappy Project started in November 2001, and has built up a network of dedicated and experienced volunteers who promote the benefits of real nappy use across the Highlands, Moray and the Islands.

    We provide...

    * friendly, independent advice from people who have found real nappies a great choice for their children

    * trial packs for you to borrow and try at home

    * a wide range of nappies for you to see and feel before ordering

    * volunteers available for demonstrations, whether to a group of parents or a meeting of health professionals

    * details of suppliers (local and mail order) - HRNP sells nappies, not on a commercial basis but to support the running of the service.

    * a wealth of other information and support

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