Volunteer Hillingdon Play Ambassadors

Hillingdon wide

Hillingdon Play provides opportunities for play. During 2012 we provided thousands of hours of play in Hillingdon. This was achieved by some memorable events, such as;

Providing play opportunities at Hayes end community centre – Summer fun in August and Muddy pies in October.

Encouraging our volunteers to create play opportunities

We are looking for volunteers to undergo training and create play opportunities in the community.

Here are some quotes from recent training sessions;

I have enjoyed;
“Learning about the barriers that prevent children from playing”
“Having the chance to think and play as a child would”

How am I beginning to think differently?
“How important is for kids to get out and play and that kids can play for free and with little resource”

What do I hope to do differently?
“Use my imagination”
“Allow my son more free play”