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Handy Gardeners Ltd


For those who are thinking about their gardens, finding the right kind of professional help can be a huge advantage. As gardening experts, Handy Gardeners Ltd can ensure that you and your garden are always treated to the highest standard of gardening services, with our expert help making a real difference around the outdoor area of your home. If you are considering hiring in garden maintenance services and want to know more about what we have to offer call us on 02037440111 or visit our website at wwwhandygardeners.com.

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  • TracyCannon

    11-Aug-2016 Report

    We've been neglecting our yard for the past ten years, that's why when we hired Dannie from Handy Gardeners we were not only surprised what our garden turned into but stunned, all the expectations were over exceeded! His biggest advantage is precision to the tiny details.

  • SilviyaMorgan

    08-Aug-2016 Report

    I perfectly understand summer is the highest season for gardening services. Our job was smaller in amounts of work in comparison with all the other gardens they have to deal with, I'm pretty sure of it.

    What I want to emphasize here is the way they made us feel like our garden is their top priority. Handy gardener's crew did a fascinating work of replacing a few trees with new ones. I've even noticed they possess a very clean manner of working, everyone with some bad previous experience with gardening companies would know what I mean.

    After all, a dream company!

  • kirstenhome3

    02-Aug-2016 Report

    I really don't get it, why would anyone go to another gardening company, when you have everything you want here- competitive pricing and quality that deserves attention.
    We hired them for a yard clean up and then we saw the final result it was more than satisfying. Big thanks to Dancho!

  • taylorg3r5

    27-Jul-2016 Report

    absolutely polite and professional. wonderful gardeners for my needs.

  • amyroberts3

    19-Jul-2016 Report

    My lawn never before looked better than this moment, so you imagine my inner satisfaction for finding Handy Gardeners! For real, don't think too much whether to hire them, you won't make a mistake.

  • katherineG3

    22-Jun-2016 Report

    My strengths for keeping my garden live and freshly were soo over now, I can't explain with simple words how tired I feel. In the past, gardening was my hobby and I didn't mind doing it but since I got promoted at job, no free time was left for my garden.
    I wanted a facelift and then I thought there are so many gardening services in the areas, but it turned out no of them is good enough to perform good service, all of them are simply amateurs. No one around was able to perform a landscaping service and create the shapes I showed them on a picture, something I liked very much on the internet.
    After a big struggle I somehow found Handy Gardeners, a company that redesigned my entire garden in a way I didn't think was possible, as I later heard their landscaper worked in Dubai for many gardens around all the big and famous hotels. The experience he got was easily seen on my garden, once again, very good job done, guys!

  • Dona74Miller

    16-Jun-2016 Report

    You know what the weather is like in London, and not only in London, the whole island faces one and the same problem – those unpleasant rainy issues.
    And this same rain turns my pretty lawn to mud; I take it really seriously how it looks like. The last time I saw my lawn waterlogged, I called Handy Gardeners for help and later on this proved to be the best decision ever. They are lawn restoration and repair professionals of the highest order.

  • Caroline451z

    13-Jun-2016 Report

    After the disaster I created with my grass in an attempt to mow it, I realised I did too much harm to it rather than any good, I perfectly understand this sounds crazy, but this was the case... Professional lawn care was urgent to restore the level of the greenness as it was before. We started with the basic lawn mowing and finished with full lawn regrowth, thanks to the efforts of gardener Nasko at Handy Gardeners, the garden speaks for itself only by looking at it right at the moment.

  • JohnWilsons

    20-May-2016 Report

    We like the service, the guys were professional and friendly with us!

    When my wife and I finally decided to make something out of our garden space, we didn't know that would prove so difficult. We have never been that much into gardening anyway, so it's not surprising that we decided to just book with gardening services. It was Handy Gardeners Ltd we picked for the job, as they seemed to have the best offer among other such services in the area. I want to thank the representative I talked to for being so friendly and explaining the details thoroughly!

    On the day of their arrival, they contacted to inform that their gardeners are running 15 min late, but that was no problem at all. Whatever delay there was, they more than made up for with quick and adequate work. My wife and I couldn't believe how quickly they cleared up the debris and other clutter lying around.
    In no time the garden we envisioned began to take shape under the quick and effective work of the experts. It wasn't long before their work was and we got to enjoy the place we wanted.

  • VeenaZ

    16-May-2016 Report

    Terrible service.. Totally rude and unprofessional.. Save your money.. Contact me and I'll send you pictures of my garden after their so called "clean-up" and that's the areas they did do!!

  • HelenForbs

    04-Apr-2016 Report

    The tree in my garden was blocking a lot of my light and in the summer, it was really shady. I asked Handy Gardeners Ltd if they could possibly trim it a bit because I didn't want the tree cut down completely – trees are beautiful. They said yes and gave me a rather great quote. The team arrived on time, and got working on my tree, trimming it efficiently. Now, it looks great and no longer blocks out the light. Very happy!

  • JasmineHill

    01-Mar-2016 Report

    I was so impressed with Handy Gardeners Ltd yesterday when they trimmed my hedges in my garden for me. They were so overgrown and just making my whole garden look untidy but thanks to these experts, they now look back in shape. And my garden looks great again too. Well recommended.

  • GerardWilson

    01-Feb-2016 Report

    It seems that these days if you own multiple properties you are left paying an arm and leg in order to keep their gardens in shape. After wasting both time and money I agreed to give Handy Gardeners Ltd and their garden maintenance services a go. I was surprised at how good a job they did and how often they are able to visit. After arranging routine visits and seeing the consistent work they deliver, I won't go anywhere else for garden maintenance services again. I honestly can't recommend the team enough, great work as always guys!

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