New Pregnancy Yoga Class

Holloway Road

This is a chance to join a brand new Pregnancy Yoga class, with me, Lucy Leonard, an experienced yoga teacher and 29 weeks pregnant myself!

I'm hoping to bring together a group of local mums-to-be, to support each other through our highs and lows as we journey through pregnancy together.

During pregnancy, yoga can help to ease minor ailments such as heartburn, backache, constipation and swollen joints, as well as help us to relax, boost our energy, prepare for labour and bond with our unborn babies. These classes will give us expectant mothers the faith, awareness and practical tools to respond creatively and positively to the challenges of pregnancy, birthing and mothering in today's higgle piggle world.

...And when our babies are born, bring them along to class as we evolve into Mummy Baby/Daddy Baby Yoga.

We will work through a programme of breathing, adapted yoga postures, pelvic floor exercises, stamina building and of course some deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra). Classes will include mantra, mudra, gentle asanas, nada yoga and pranavidya practices that will encourage you to tune into your own body and your baby.

I can't wait to meet you.

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