• 77a Charterhouse Street, EC1M 6HJ

  • 0207 336 8898

fabric's Saturday nights showcase underground DJ talent, internationally-renowned electronic music legends, and accomplished live acts. Its playlists are dedicated to cutting-edge house, techno, electro, disco, dub-techno…and anything else that fits within the confines of the night's future-forward and ever-evolving programming.

FABRICLIVE is a Friday night soundclash, touring all tempos from hip hop through dubstep and drum & bass to indie and electro.

Sunday nights (and Monday mornings, consequently) in London have been irrevocably changed. Fuelled by their joint desire to bring serious dancefloor hedonism to Sunday nights, yet presenting quality music in an unpretentious way, it's little wonder that WYS is one of the most loved hot spots on the London circuit.

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