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Little Ark Pre-School


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Little Ark is a small not for profit Pre-School open Monday-Thursday, 9:30am-11:25. Children attend 2-4 mornings a week, we offer a wide variety of activities in a friendly and secure environment. Little Ark provides a gentle start to nursery life and first steps away from home. For further details please visit our website or email to arrange a visit.

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  • GrowFromSeed

    18-Feb-2016 Report

    Both of my little ones went to Little Ark - it is the perfect gentle introduction to nursery and to being away from mum. The staff are so kind, the atmosphere is very friendly and there are always lots of varied activities. Being all in one very light room, the nursery is big enough to feel busy but small enough to keep it gentle. I liked the two hour timing which was just long enough, and the fees are so reasonable. I was sad when my youngest left because we all liked it so much!

  • Migletsan123

    02-Feb-2016 Report

    Two of my boys have attended Little Ark and I only wish Id known about it when my eldest son was the right age. It is a lovely nursery and has provided the perfect stepping stone to full time pre-school nursery. Most mornings, my youngest will run into the room and get stuck into the activities without saying good-bye. On rare wobbly mornings, there is always a member of staff ready to take his hand and lead him off to a puzzle or some messy foam. It is such a relief compared to the clingy goodbyes my eldest went through at his nursery and still makes me feel tearfully grateful to Little Ark at every drop-off. As well as organising some really imaginative activities, they also have some great toys - a whole collection of vintage Fisher Price and, my personal favourite, plastic dim sum and chopsticks set up for a sophisticated dollies dinner party! Lovely, gentle, fun and inexpensive.

  • Islington84

    29-Jan-2016 Report

    My son used to attend Little Ark and loved it there and my daughter has just started and seems to be really enjoying her time there as well. It is a lovely and gentle introduction to nursery and I can't recommend it highly enough. The staff are caring and seem to really enjoy engaging with the children. The activities are varied and engaging both within a session and from day to day. There is plenty of time for free play as well as snack and story time. The routine is the same each day so the children know exactly what will be happening.

  • deepsand80

    28-Jan-2016 Report

    I was recommended Little Ark by other local mums; it truly is a little gem. It was a perfect place for my toddler to start her nursery experience. Being a first time mum I was nervous about my daughter starting somewhere but the staff at the nursery were all wonderful. My daughter loved going as there were always lots of different activities every day and the session is just the right length of time - lunch and nap straight afterwards! Very reasonable cost as well - could not recommend it highly enough!

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