Association for Post Natal Illness

Borough wide

  • 145 Dawes Road, SW6 7EB

  • 0207 386 0868



  • 19-Jan-16 to 19-Jan-21

  • Our office is manned between the hours of 10am-2pm Mon-Frid

The function of the Association is to provide: Support, Education and Information.

Postnatally depressed women may feel unable to go out of their house, and meeting people may cause them a great deal of stress, therefore contact by phone or e-mail can be ideal.
Women often find that talking, or writing to someone, who has had the illness and recovered, allows them to discuss the most distressing symptoms of the illness. The phone and e-mail volunteers give women hope that they will eventually recover. For those who are not on phone or e-mail we can offer the services of volunteers who will communicate by post.

All calls are confidential and none are ever recorded. We understand that most women affected with post-natal depression feel isolated and we do want to assure you that we hear from more than 9,000 women every year who are suffering similarly. Please remember you will get better.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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