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Tom and Jerry Ltd.


Although it would be fantastic to think that moving house only required you to fill up empty suitcases, bags and boxes with all your stuff, in reality home removals are nowhere near as straightforward. For this reason, most people hire professional removal companies for help, and they have every reason to do so. Tom and Jerry Ltd have highly trained professionals who can complete any removal job exactly as you like it to be done. Contact us today on 02087464515 or visit our website at www.tomandjerry.co for more information.

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  • CharlesParks

    13-Sep-2016 Report

    I never thought moving could be so easy but thanks to Tom and Jerry Ltd. now it is! They took all the stress out of our moving process. Their methods and equipment were absolutely great and their rates are also very affordable. I already thanked the whole team after the work was finished but I think it won't be fair if I don't do it here too. Thank you to the whole team for making our move a pleasant experience for us.

  • KrystalMckenzie

    25-Jul-2016 Report

    I had moved several times over the past few years.This time I decided when the entire contents were unloaded I would pay the company for the added service of the unpacking. I was extremely happy with how competent Tom and Jerry Ltd. were with the unpacking. The staff was friendly and polite and also took away the packaging that was left.

  • corajackson

    30-Mar-2016 Report

    Overall, I was incredibly impressed with Tom and Jerry Ltd.'s man with van service which they carried out for me last week. It all went according to plan and there were no major problems or hassles along the way which make it much easier. Thanks very much to all the team for your excellent work and help! It didn't go unnoticed, believe me.

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