Love Your Body: Lose Weight & Increase Energy

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Do you want to lose weight, but not have to starve yourself or turn to excessive exercise? Would you like increased energy levels, reduced stress, less obsessive thoughts around food and body image, and to feel fit, healthy, and happy in your own body and mind?

I work with busy (and tired!!) mums and all women for one-on-one consultations that address your health concerns and goals from a nutritional and well-being perspective. These often include losing baby weight, feeling less exhausted, increasing your mood, finding time for yourself, and liking your body.

We will look at your current diet, your energy levels, your digestion, how you move, and how you feel day-to-day. We discuss what tools will best support your health goals going forward, and you will receive an authentic Nutritional Health Plan that realistically reflects your lifestyle, budget, and food preferences.

Services available:
1.Initial one-on-one Consultation
2.Nutritional Health Coaching Package: Includes an initial one-on-one Consultation, a follow-up appointment, a Nutritional Health Plan, a final follow-up appointment, with ongoing email communication.

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