The Detective Project


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Want to find out how crimes are really solved? Join a real Detective for a week of fun, forensic based workshop, that explore the way crime is investigated in the 21st Century! Throughout the week you will investigate a bank robbery using a variety of methods used by real Detectives. Then you'll put your new found skills to the test by searching a mock crime scene for clues wearing a real CSI forensic suit!
4th-8th of April AM - 7-9yrs old 10am-12.30pm - £120
4th-8th of April PM - 10yrs+ 1.30pm-4pm - £120

25th-29th of July AM - 7-9yrs old 10am-12.30pm - £120
25th-29th of July PM - 10yrs+ 1.30pm-4pm - £120
8th -12th of August AM - 7-9yrs old 10am-12.30pm - £120
8th -12th of August PM - 10yrs+ 1.30pm-4pm - £120

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