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11 Plus Mock Exam


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  • olga8

    22-Jun-2016 Report

    Faversham College and Tutor Centre use GL Assessment papers that follow a similar format set for the Kent Test.
    These are the publishers used for the verbal and nonverbal Kent test. The Mock Tests will be held in exam conditions to help your child prepare for what will happen on the actual exam day. The children will sit 3 papers - an English and maths paper, a reasoning paper (mix of verbal and nonverbal) and a writing task. The English and maths paper is multiple choice and is split into a timed English section and a timed maths section. The Reasoning paper is also multiple choice and is split into a timed verbal reasoning section and 4 timed nonverbal reasoning sections. This format will be modified and updated along with any changes announced by Kent County Council.
    Our Mock test and Summer school runs from 25th July to 28th July - 9 am till 12 pm

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