Birth in Mind -hypnobirthing


New courses starting January 2016
Preparing your mind through hypnobirthing helps you make the most of your own, unique, birth experience.

With Birth in Mind, you learn the skills & techniques of the easibirthing® method developed alongside UK midwives, to optimise your birth experience, as an individual and as a couple. You learn:
& breathing techniques to use during birth and beyond.

It helps you (& your partner) to feel:
calm, focused, informed & in control - for feeling:
more relaxed,
more empowered
& more comfortable. Helping you overcome birth fears or anxieties.

Training tailored to your own specific needs, for individuals, or couples.

easibirthing® GROUP WORKSHOPS
Choose: Mothers only, or, Mothers with/without birth partners
5 sessions of 90 minutes course,
5 CDs included in the fee,
notes & support pack.
Very small groups.
With ongoing support.

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