Tai Chi for Kidz Workshop


Tai Chi represents an activity that is different from the norm for children. It develops concentration and focus, and provides physical exercise that is suitable for all regardless of fitness. There is no competiveness with Tai Chi - the only person you are competing against is yourself in mastering the moves. If you choose to do this with family, it can alter the usual learning relationship of adult teaching child, with both on an equal footing. The merits of this are that it can bring a closer relationship between the two built on mutual respect.

We are a learning destination for Kent Children's University offering Tai Chi workshops to children aged between 6 to 14. We do welcome parents or carers participating in class alongside their child (the adult price is the same as per child). For doing the workshop a child is entitled to 2 learning hours.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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