The Healthy Cook Co

Kingston Upon Thames

Using carefully selected ingredients, we at the Healthy Cake Company produce healthy plain cakes, iced cakes and celebration gluten-free cakes and dairy-free cakes as standard with the options of egg-free, vegan and no-added sugar that can find a place in a healthy diet without overloading it with calories or sacrificing nutritional balance.

All our recipes have special diet options. All our healthy cakes are gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free as standard but we can substitute ingredients on request e.g. our cakes contain soya milk but we can use rice milk if you prefer. We can cater for most other special diets including egg-free, vegan and no-added sugar. We replace sugar with Xylitol and/or agave, rice or date syrup, but will use any preferred substitute. Email us with your own enquiry.

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