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Roz ana Fine Regional Indian Cuisine

Kingston Upon Thames

Roz ana, Kingston Upon Thames, specialises in Fine Regional Indian Cuisine. Prepared by world-class chefs from all over India and some of the best West End restaurants. Only the highest quality ingredients and spices are used to create dishes the way they are made across the many regions of India; but lighter and hence, healthier.

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  • MNKingstonSurrey

    06-Feb-2016 Report

    If your impression of an Indian restaurant is a post-pub curry house with strong tastes, a stack of poppadoms and too much beer (not exactly the type of place you'd choose to take your young family for a meal out), prepare to have your perceptions challenged …

    Gentle, subtle and diverse are three words that immediately spring to mind after our delicious Saturday lunch at Roz ana. The service was superb, knowledgeable and helpful, treating our 5 and 3 year olds as equally valued diners.

    The girls enjoyed their Coconut Prawn Curry and lightly spiced Fish and Chunky Chips and couldn't get enough of the delicious Mango Lassi. There are always exciting blends of fresh juice available, making a pleasant change from the usual concentrated apple juice on children's menus. The children's meal is a fixed £7, including a choice from 5 mains and some ice cream.

    After warm poppadoms and freshly made dips, we started with the Chef's Sampler (£10/person) with fish, chicken and lamb and it was superb. The Chicken Biryani with Raita was excellent and was served with a side of chopped chillis for those looking for extra heat. All the meat was extremely high quality, beautifully cooked and with a really subtle range of spices.

    Appetisers range from £5-£12 and mains £10.50-£14 with the exception of lobster at £21.

    The other perception challenge was with their fantastic (and authentic) range of deserts. The Valrohna Chocolate and Almond Samosa with chilled Malibu crème (part of our delicious dessert platter) was worth the trip alone, and our kids adored our fresh mango sorbet.

    Roz ana's menu changes each month, making the most of the chefs' diverse heritage and celebrating different regions of India, so we'll be looking for an excuse to come and try each one!

    If you live in North Kingston there's no need to make the trip into the town centre for really high quality and family friendly food – it's right here at Roz ana, under 5 minutes walk from Norbiton station.

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