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The Willow Health Restaurant and bar

Kingston Upon Thames

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Our ethos is simple – your dinner plate is the foundation to better health. That's why The Willow promotes the ethos of ‘Food as Medicine'. Locally sourced, real food that uses cooking methods that maintain nutritional integrity, alongside a bar that serves award-winning beers and ciders, organic, biodynamic low-sulphite wines and homemade infused spirits.

A place where you can relax and tantalise the taste buds. You can enjoy a direct trade coffee in our terrace in the morning; take the kids for a spot of lunch (our new children's menu is both healthy and nutritious) or enjoy a refreshing glass of natural wine with friends in the evening. Check out our gluten-free menu online (yourwillow.co.uk) where you can choose from options that are dairy-free, grain-free, low carb, protein-rich, lower sugar, Paleo and even FODMAP friendly.

The Willow is open 7 days a week and is linked to integrative treatment clinic Irrefutable Health, where functional medicine, chiropractic, nutritional therapy, acupuncture, massage, podiatry, medical herbalism and clinical Psychoneuroimmunology will be in daily practice.

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  • MNKingstonSurrey

    18-Sep-2016 Report

    It was a real treat to be asked to review The Willow on Saturday evening, Kingston's brand new gluten-free health restaurant and bar, promoting food as a “foundation to better health” for the whole family. Everything on the menu has a guide for allergens/exclusion diets including labels for low carb, paleo and low FODMAP as well as protein rich and healthy fats. Each dish has been extensively researched to combine health elements with quality and taste and that is immediately evident on tasting!

    It is a perfect restaurant for a guilt-free, tasty meal using high quality, local ingredients.

    The quality of the food is a step above the norm, especially your usual child friendly, chain restaurant. The children's menu is full of high quality dishes including Pulled lamb shepherd's pie (served with its own gravy jug), Mixed bean, chickpea & courgette falafel burger and a Bucket of king prawns with smoked garlic mayo. We opted for the shepherd's pie which was incredible and Willow fish and sweet potato chips with pea puree - they were of exceptionally high quality and well worth the £7.50 each. Desserts (the same as the adult menu) range from £4.50-£6 each and our girls ordered Rosemary infused pear sorbet and freshly made Banana ice cream (substituting the pecan nuts with goji berries, to cater for an allergy). The drinks menu (again, taken from the adult menu and reflected in the prices) is full of sparkling health drinks, juices and fusions and the Bumbleberry was especially good!

    My Macadamia-encrusted halibut with samphire and crumbed cauliflower was divine and my husband's choice of Barnsley lamb chop with chimichurri was of a very high quality - sides of roasted cauliflower and buttered broccoli were suggested and worked well. Mains range in price from £13 for Sweet potato gnocchi to £23 for Aged grass-fed sirloin steak. Our desserts of Flourless chocolate cake with fresh raspberries and Blueberry & pistachio brownies were tasty and substantial without the guilt-laden load of calories!

    The Willow has a spa like feel and is filled with beautiful light but they have cleverly made this comfortable and accessible to all, welcoming families for dinner and also friends popping in for a craft beer. The staff on Saturday evening were all very welcoming, friendly and well informed, great at explaining the concept of The Willow and its associated health practitioners to local diners, as well as assisting with food and drink selection. A nice touch is that there is no service charge added but that 100% of all tips go to staff.

    The sun terrace at The Willow is an ideal venue for a morning tea/coffee (plenty of buggy space, safely away from the road, with baby changing facilities available) or a business meeting, where you can enjoy a gluten-free muffin with an incredible selection of ‘tea people' teas, Montezuma hot chocolate and direct trade coffees including a locally sourced blend unique to The Willow.

    Bar food is available from 12pm Mon-Sat and 4pm Sunday and ranges from light snacks to a bucket of king prawns with smoked garlic mayo. The Willow serves award-winning beers and ciders (“too many to choose from!” according to my husband), organic, biodynamic low-sulphite wines and homemade infused spirits and each has gone through a careful selection process to make it work for The Willow's ethos.

    There is an extensive lunch menu [[https://goo.gl/czb6Gq]] and bar sliders where you can order 2 small portions (high nutrient light bites), served with delicious sweet potato fries. This is good value at £7 and is available for lunch and dinner.

    We'll definitely be back to try one of their Sunday roasts soon.

    You can read more about The Willow here: [[https://goo.gl/LLske2]]

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