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Rose Theatre

Kingston Upon Thames

The Rose Theatre is a 900 seat venue in the centre of Kingston with a design based on London's famous Elizabethan Rose Theatre. The theatre has the same oval shaped stage, semi-circular seating configuration and pit area as the London theatre it's inspired by. In the pit area, audiences can get right up to the action and sit on comfy cushions to watch performances.

The Culture Café is also great and welcoming place for parents. We have groups for babies and toddlers across the week including the ever popular Rhyme Time every Monday morning from 11.15am. So if you want a break from shopping or work come and visit Kingston's most unique and welcoming venue. You don't have to be a theatre goer to visit - so pop in and say hello.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • MNKingstonSurrey

    25-Jan-2016 Report

    Fairly Tales, Rose Theatre 23 January 2016

    The Rose theatre is perfect for little people - the large 'cushion pit', where most of the children sat today, is where today's performance of Fairly Tales took place. Alf and Benj, two young boys, meet each other over the garden fence and go on a mixed up fairy tale adventure together. Using simple but great props and lots of illustrations, the two actors kept my 5 year old twin boys and the audience of around 50 children entertained for the 45 minute show. They entwined the classic stories of Goldilocks, Jack and the Beanstalk, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Billy Goat's Gruff whilst all the while becoming the best of friends. Eventually the adventure comes to an end and both boys are called home by their mothers. They climb over the garden fence and head home - you get the feeling they'll be meeting again for more fun and high jinx.

    It took me back to a time when children had to make up their own imaginary games and hopefully productions like this will encourage our modern day little ones to put down their i-pads and let their minds run free! The set was simple but it didn't need to be anything else as the two characters kept you in their story - this show is part of an 'Under 6' series of performances which feels about right. We love the Rose Theatre - it also does great coffee which means a 10am Sunday morning performance is even a doddle. Fab.

  • KristiinaC

    16-Jun-2015 Report

    First, a confession. Despite living in the area for over 10 years I visited the Rose Theatre in Kingston for the FIRST time on Sunday (14th June) - taking my family to see a production of Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. With George (7) and twins Tom and Ellie (3) we were relieved to see how child-friendly the Rose Theatre is. From the cheerful staff armed with stickers to the roomy café with play area, it all helped to reduce the stresses that theatre trips with children can bring.

    Stick Man is a bedtime favourite so it must have been read at least 150 times in our house! I was fascinated to see how Scamp Theatre would turn a tale about a small stick - captured by animals and nearly set on fire - into visually compelling theatre. Using impressive powers of imagination, they did a superb job at telling the story with music, dance and puppets. And also plenty of humour and audience participation - a beachball was tossed around the audience at one point, which went down well. The production stuck firmly to the text of Stick Man - I'm sure hearing those familiar lines helped the children stay engaged. My three were engrossed for the whole hour, with minimum wriggling. It felt as if Scamp Theatre had some affection for the story. Which brings me to my second confession. I've always found Stick Man a little bit frustrating and passive compared, say, to the resourceful mouse in Julia Donaldson's Gruffalo. But I came away with a new perspective. Perhaps I've been too hard on Stick Man...he was only doing his best in trying circumstances!

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