Theme Parks in Kingston upon Thames

World of Golf - Jurassic Adventure New Malden

With its origins in the USA, Adventure Golf has gained tremendous popularity over the years. Designed and built by one of the World's leading adventure golf designers, Jurassic...

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Thorpe Park Borough outskirts

The Nation's thrill capital with 5 exhilarating coasters & 5 epic water rides! Thrill seekers of all ages can experience a non-stop adrenaline rush at THORPE PARK, home to some...

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Hobbledown Borough outskirts
1 review

Hobbledown is a unique farm park adventure based on a mystical and magical fantasy tale, written in book form by A J Kecojevic. Based on a 50-acre site the all-weather attractio...

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Chessington World of Adventures Chessington

Chessington World of Adventures is the ideal place to take the kids for a fun-filled day out of excitement and adventure. From wild rides set amongst mystical ruined kingdoms...

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Magic Garden at Hampton Court Palace Borough outskirts
disabled access

Explore our exciting new interactive play garden for families. Populated by mysterious mythical beasts, with battlements to storm, towers to besiege, and even a secret grotto to...

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