Partner Pregnancy Yoga Workshop

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Expectant mothers and fathers/partners/friends are invited to this informative and enjoyable afternoon of Partner Pregnancy Yoga, aimed at teaching you and your partner postures and relaxation techniques to prepare for childbirth. Engaging with your partner in a supportive, physical and fun-filled practice, we'll explore ways to cultivate connection, deeper mutual trust, and bonding with each other and your baby.

Alexa Dean creates a relaxed, safe atmosphere to help you build physical and emotional strength together as you move through your pregnancy and prepare for the intimate experience of childbirth. Fathers and partners learn hands-on techniques to help mama through pregnancy and labour.

Pregnancy is a transitional time for women and men, and a great opportunity to step into being a solid, loving team. This workshop is about exploring and honoring these possibilities emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually in a safe, supportive space for men and women.

No yoga experience is necessary. The workshop is perfect for all trimesters, experience level, and body size. If your partner can't make it, feel free to bring a friend or doula! The price is per couple.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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