Livewire Kitchen


An active working life means you need to be at your best, but it's easy to run out of steam during a busy week.

Here at Livewire Kitchen we help you refuel your grey matter with food that's bursting with the things your mind and body need.

A lot of places are all about leaving out ‘evil' ingredients, but at Livewire it's all about the ‘good stuff' we put into our food and drink that counts.

Nutritious, tasty, inventive dishes, packed with ingredients with benefits, give you just the refuel you need without any compromise.

Here at Livewire we have our three watchwords. Healthful, Flavourful, Colourful. They inform not only every dish we make but also how we want to live our lives.

That's what we think really makes the Livewire difference, come and see us and start living differently.

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