The Gym London Vauxhall


At The Gym Vauxhall, we out squat, out lift and out run the competition with contract-free membership and 24 hour access.

Featuring an extended free weights area with power stations, functional trainers, a large selection of dumbbells and all of your favourite resistance and cable machines, we've got everything you need to find your fit.

And if cardio is your thing, there's MyRide virtual cycle coaching, treadmills, rowers and a huge selection of classes like Total ABS, Rowing Circuits and Fit Box.

Need a push? Our personal trainers are the best in the business and can cater for every need, ability and goal. What's more, we offer three free training sessions as an introduction to The Gym to get you started.

Signing up online is quick and easy. You can go from sitting still to running on the treadmill in minutes. No paperwork, no contract and no obligation.

So whether you're the running type, the lifting type, or only come twice a week type, we've got everything you need to find your fit at The Gym Vauxhall.

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