Empower your life now Workshop


The "empower your life now" workshop aims at helping people to create the life they want through coaching and an holistic approaches.
As a mum to three children I had to make so many changes in my life to find the right balance between work and family and I have encountered many difficult experiences which were turning point and really opened my eyes. I used to work full time and had very little time to be with my kids until one day one of my kid nearly lost his life. This was the moment I knew I had to change. I started studying and create a vision that would make me be my own boss and spend more time with my precious ones.
I now want to share my experience and help full time mothers, single mothers and working mothers to find their own balance in their life.

I specialise in fears and limiting beliefs and in helping people to see outside of the box and to find the courage to make positive changes in their life.

I use coaching, and holistic techniques to help you create the life you really want and the life that is most suitable for your needs.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions and I very much look forward to hopefully see you on the 7th of May.



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