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  • jemmaclee

    07-Jun-2016 Report

    We are an English family and are moving to Clapham Old Town in August 2016 and would love to find a like minded family in the area to share our fantastic nanny (ofsted approved, pediatric first aid etc etc) 5 days a week from September 2016 when our daughter Tiggy (1st child) will be approx 20 months old. We are looking for a trustworthy, friendly and nurturing nanny as well as a family with a child of similar age who can become her playmate and join her at local children's groups etc. We have some experience with nanny sharing as have been in a sharing set up with our current nanny for around 1 year. The current daily hours we have with our nanny are 8am to 6.00pm Mon-Fri and the charge per family is approx GBP 1,700 per month.

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