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Looking for family to share our nanny with!

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  • jemmaclee

    30-Jul-2016 Report

    We are an English family and are moving to Clapham Old Town in August and would love to find a like minded family in the area to share our fantastic nanny (ofsted approved, pediatric first aid etc) 5 days a week from mid-September 2016 when our daughter Tiggy (1st child) will be approx 20 months old.
    We are looking for a local family with a child of similar age who can become her playmate and join her in going to the local children's groups and playgrounds etc. We have some experience with nanny sharing as have been in a sharing set up with our current nanny for around 1 year. We are flexible around hosting too and can happily host more of the time if that helps.

    The current daily hours we have with our nanny are 8am to 6.00pm Mon-Fri and the charge per hour shared by both families if GBP15/hour. As close a match in days/hours would be ideal but we would be happy to share with another family with a partial overlap if it could work for all.

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