PawSquad House Call Veterinarians

Borough wide

PawSquad Mobile Vets just launched in South West London. For a similar price as going to a traditional practice (£48), PawSquad customers get their own dedicated family vet to examine and treat their pet in the comfort of their home - daytime, evenings (up to 9pm) and weekends (Including Sundays!). They also get the reassurance of 24/7 access to instant, qualified vet advice via chat or video consultations (for free!)

The app lets pet owners book and pay for their appointment, order medications, view their pet medical history and talk to their (or any other) PawSquad vet.

We developed this service to meet the needs of many pet parents whose pets do not love going to the vet (can you blame a cat for not wanting to get into a cage?) or that struggle finding the time in their busy schedule (juggling work, kids, pets and the unexpected is not always as simple.)

If you'd like more information, just visit us on or Call Dr Sinead Clency on 0203 322 1725.

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