Bickles Jamaican Restaurant And Bar

Herne Hill

Bickles is a family run business. The Company began when its founders Sharon & Danny decided that finding a Jamaican restaurant which exhibited a consistent taste, fun & friendly atmosphere plus a brilliant customer service was a rarity. As second generation Jamaicans they felt it necessary to promote their food and culture in the way that it deserved to be.
Jamaica is a small dot of an island in the Caribbean however, as the saying goes, “we likkle but we talawa (small but mighty)” and this is evident in the proliferation of its music, food, language, athletes, not to mention its bobsleigh team.......Cool Runnings.
The previous Bickles was located in Brixton on Coldharbour lane and provided for the south London and international community for 4 years until it was snapped up by developers however, "as one door closes another one opens" and we are now happy in our new location.
Bickles is Back, Bigger & Better..........Contemporary Jamaican food at its best!

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