Mandarin Bud (Beginner) Course


WenLin Chinese School is offering Mandarin Bud (Beginner) course for reception to year 2 children who may or may not have a Chinese family background. Its going to be a fun-filled learning experience to your children as teachers use unique tactics such as:
- All lessons will be delivered in Mandarin Chinese with minimal English explanation or as needed for a faster learning
- Teachers will use multimedia and interactive classroom activities like role playing.
- Chinese idiom stories and Chinese history will be introduced in drama-style lessons
- Children will also be taught how to use Pinyin (symbols for Chinese pronunciation) and a lot more!

Classes will start- 7th day of May 2016 at Chestnut Grove Academy from 10:00 am to 12 pm (Saturdays). To book a trail lesson please click the link:

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