Infant Observation

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Are you due to have a baby? Would you be prepared to help me to
develop skills of observation and reflection on the emotional and physical development of the infant within his or her relationship with the primary care-givers.

Your commitment would be to allow an one hour long observation visit per week.

During observation visits, you would not have to do anything special – just continue with your usual routine. For instance, if your baby happens to be asleep for the duration of the visit, it doesn't matter, there will still be much for the observer to see and think about. It also does not matter if you intend to have your baby cared for by others at any time during this period, so long as the trainee may continue to observe your baby with the alternative carer.

As your baby gets older, he or she will begin to observe and interact with the trainee. How your baby relates with others, including siblings, regular carers, the observer and total strangers, is all part of what the trainee needs to see and understand.

Please contract me directly on 07788595902 Mehmet Altan

Victoria Settle, Chair of Clinical Training at The Bowlby Centre.
Tel. 020 8281 0037 for further information

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