Pitschi the Kitten with Dreams


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Pitschi the kitten with Dreams
Theatre Fidera Fideri presents Pitschi, the Kitten with Dreams

A perfect treat for young children and their families.

Little Swiss kitten, Pitschi lives with her brothers and sisters, Grandma Lisette and Bello the dog on a farm high up in the Swiss Alps. She doesn't like the rough and tumble and mischievous fun of kitten play and dreams of being something else. Pitschi would rather be any other animal in the world – a chicken, goat, a duck …anything, as long as it isn't a cat! and goes off on an exciting adventure around the farm to meet the other animals, but with winter approaching, will she find her way home before the first snow falls?

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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