Birth Preparation Session

Chapel Allerton/Moortown

A Birth Preparation workshop lovingly designed to help women and their birth partner prepare for the amazing experience of birth.
Providing you with a safe and nurturing space to gain new skills, confidence and discuss birth in a non-medical setting in a small workshop environment with other parents-to-be.
The session is like a dress rehearsal for birth, including:
Active Birth and Movement Techniques – birth ball work, rebozo, active birthing positions as well as Yoga movements;
Sensation Management Techniques – powerful breathing techniques, the power of scent and the use of props and partner support techniques;
Breathing, Affirmation, Visualisation & Relaxation practices – to support you at each stage of your labour to help you find some calm, inner vitality or as a support to help manage strong sensations as labour progresses.
Content is gleaned from over ten years of Yoga teaching experience, doula expertise and feedback from women giving birth.
Both Kula teachers have worked with Mark Harris of Birthing for Blokes, a male midwife who writes about birth from a male perspective.
Gain new skills and confidence and discover what you both want from your birth experience.

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