Daisy Birthing Weekly Antenatal Classes


The Daisy Birthing approach to birth education is unique, and can best be described as a synthesis between pregnancy yoga, hypnotherapy & relaxation, and traditional antenatal education.

• The classes are nationally recognised and FEDANT approved helping you approach birth with confidence by giving them a very practical tool-kit of techniques to draw on in labour, including:
- How to use position, movement, and gravity to aid labour
- Breathing patterns to birth easily
- Movement to ease pregnancy ailments and aid optimum foetal positioning for birth
- Relaxation techniques to control anxiety and build a positive attitude towards birth.

All of this is brought together in one chilled out and flowing 1.5 hour weekly class, and at just £54 per term for weekly mums-only classes, Daisy Birthing represents good value for money when compared to other forms of birth education and preparation.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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