Post-Natal Restoration & Recovery


Focussing on wellbeing of Mums in the post-natal period, OptiMum Health's courses address pelvic floor recovery, core re-integration, strengthening, post-natal nutrition & stress management.

Ensuring Mums are best equipped to cope with the realities of everyday - from lifting & carrying to sleepless nights. Relieving the aches of motherhood with support - in person and online (via Members' site & videos). Post-natal is for life, not just for 6 weeks.

Our screening process includes checks for abdominal separation (Diastasis recti) & programme development to support healing of this, C-section scars, episiotomy/tearing scars in addition to pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Bring your baby along to the face-to-face classes and watch the supporting videos at your own pace. With access to an extensively qualified & experienced coach throughout.

Private and small group coaching also available.

We also specialising in coaching through peri-menopause & menopause.
Utilising a combination of bodyweight exercises, resistance & weight based techniques plus Pilates to suit your needs.

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