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Mill Lodge Table Table Pub Restaurant


Enjoy our delicious menu at the Mill Lodge Pub Restaurant and experience our special atmosphere.

What you'll find
At the Mill Lodge Pub Restaurant you'll find our brilliant new menu as well as all of your usual Table Table favourites. You can find more information on this pub using the menu options above and below. If you'd like to book a table, please go to the Booking Enquiry tab on the top right of the page.

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  • tootssweet

    20-Oct-2013 Report

    I was chosen by Mumsnet to receive a voucher and go to review this restaurant.
    We had a great meal in a relaxed family-friendly setting. Our children liked the choices and variety in the children's menu (as did I as their parent!)and the activity pack really entertained our 8 year old. The staff were pleasant and welcoming. For a pub meal, Mill Lodge offers good value and choice, I would be very happy to eat here again.

  • Wantapony

    20-Oct-2013 Report

    We visited yesterday afternoon and were made to feel very welcome by Alan, the Manager and Geoff, our waiter. All menu options were explained clearly and we were advised that there was full menu availability. We were also informed about a reward card to accrue points per visit.
    Our food was delicious and hearty, the service was excellent, the restaurant and loo's were spotless and all in all, it was a great family friendly venue. We would not hesitate to recommend Mill Lodge to anyone visiting the area. Thank you for giving us a super experience.

  • Tillyamy

    19-Oct-2013 Report

    I visited Mill Lodge in Lincoln at 12.30 today with my husband, DS1 aged 3 and DS2 aged 1

    I had the Lamb shank, a lager shandy and a bramley apple crumble with custard. My husband had a full rack of ribs and chicken, 2 pints of Guinness, a pint of hobgoblin (he was hungover) a rocky road sundae and we had the extra feast (onion rings, breaded mushrooms and garlic bread) to share. DS1 had pop in chicken, peas and chips and DS2 had tomato penne pasta, peas and baked beans. The children both had fruit and chocolate fondue for pudding which was a very generous portion of strawberries, chopped banana and orange with a pot of chocolate fudge sauce. The food was lovely - not a la carte but much better than i was expecting! Portions were about right too although I don't think I could ever eat 3 courses there. The children seemed to enjoy their food too which is always a bonus!

    The restaurant was quite quiet when we arrived but we were welcomed quickly by Alan who was very friendly and chatty. He introduced us to our waiter, Geoff who was also very friendly and chatty. Whilst they knew we were reviewing for mumsnet, it didn't seem forced or overbearing. We stayed for nearly 2 hours and the restaurant was much busier when we left but we never felt rushed at any point. there was some music playing in the background which wasn't overbearing and the restaurant was clean and hospitable.

    Alan recommended a few dishes to us and Geoff also discussed desserts. Both seemed to know what they were talking about. The hobgoblin ran out after my husbands 1st pint and we were told there was a 1 hour wait until they could "clean the pipes" and change the barrel. maybe it would be good to have someone who could do that working on every shift - we got the impression that the "barrel" person just hadn't arrived yet!

    We also asked Alan about where we could go afterwards with our sons as we weren't local to the area and he gave some excellent recommendations, places he takes his 18 month old son. Although we didn't get to go to any as both boys fell asleep as soon as we got in the car!

    They really enjoyed it - the food was nice and Alan and Geoff both engaged with them in a pleasant manner. The pack of crayons, activity set and stickers were also a pleasant surprise and kept them both entertained. The only thing i would say is it would be nice if they used some of the outside area for a little playground if they are aiming for the young family market.

    The food was great and so was the service. I'd definitely visit again and recommend to friends.
    Well done Table Table and thanks to mumsnet for my vouchers

  • MrsLegume

    15-Oct-2013 Report

    We visited Mill Lodge in Lincoln at 5pm on Saturday evening although I had difficulty booking as they didn't pick up the phone. I eventually booked online and that worked brilliantly - speaking to a few of my friends shows that not answering the phone at Mill Lodge is quite common place.
    I went with OH, DD1 (16) and DD2 (7) for a family meal as DD1 was home for the weekend.
    I had the sirloin steak, OH had the roasted vegetable linguini, DD1 had the chicken curry and DD2 had popping chicken, chips and beans. We also shared a side order of onion rings.
    My steak could have been trimmed better but it was cooked rare as I ordered it and they replaced the peas, mushrooms and tomato with a side salad when I requested it and didn't put tomatoes in the salad in case I didn't like them but offered to go and get me some.
    DD1 thought her rice was dry on the top like it had been hanging around for a while but the curry was delicious. OH really liked his pasta, and the server had been quite sheepish when he'd tried to offer salmon or chicken with it and OH had declared himself to be veggie. DD2 loved her chicken, beans and onion rings. The chips were used to pretend to be a vampire only though as she doesn't eat chips - it would be great if onion rings were a choice of side dish on the children's menu. The kids shared a chocolate brownie sundae and OH had the raspberry ripple cheesecake.
    It was very busy, much busier than I'd imagined but it was still quiet enough to be able to have a conversation. I also met one of my tutors from a course I did a few years ago so managed a quick catch up.
    During the meal, our server was just the right balance of attentive and leaving us to get on with it, although when I went up to pay there was a 10 minute spiel to get through about the breakfasts, reward club and feedback links. I just wanted to swipe and go by that point.
    We'd been to this restaurant many years ago and don't really know why we haven't been back as we live only a few miles from it and pass by the junction everyday on my way to work but we will be returning very soon.

  • JohnLyle

    14-Oct-2013 Report

    We visited on a busy Saturday night on 12th October 2013. As a real change for us, this was a chance for just the two of us to have some adult time away from the kids and enjoy a good meal together.

    For our food, as starters, we opted for the Hot sticky chicken goujons, which were really meaty and served perfectly fresh and hot. The Prawn Cocktail was beautifully presented, tasty and a very generous portion as well.

    On the main courses my wife had a lamb shank which is new for their more wintry menu and with mint sauce was apparently fantastic. I had a sirloin steak cooked rare, which wasn't the best steak ever but was cooked to perfection and made a great looking plate.

    The restaurant could only be described as busy, buzzy happy and warm. A really nice place to be on a filthy Saturday night.

    When we arrived, we were greeted by the restaurant manager who was excellent, chatty, friendly and gave us some great insight to their new menu. Serving staff were also noticeably good and all had worked there for some time, which is always a good sign.

    Normally, we would have eaten with our children too, but they loved the experience as they got left at home with their grandparents for them to be spoilt and driven around to parties!

    The highlight of the visit was the Hobgoblin beer was in exceptional condition, as nice as any beer I've ever been served and the red wine we chose to have with our meal was also excellent and very reasonably priced.

    In Summary
    It was a very full restaurant with lots of big groups and incredibly efficient service. Waiting times were very short and overall, I think it offers a great value, good quality, warm safe place to eat with your family. We'll be back. No doubt about it!

    For the benefit of disclosure, we were given a voucher to spend in the restaurant, but as we were having so much fun, we spent over and above this and it all felt like great value.

  • WoldsRoses

    12-Oct-2013 Report

    Very family friendly restaurant with good activity packs and a brilliant menu for little ones. Food is lovely and tasty and atmosphere is very pleasant :)

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